Youth Empowerment Center

The Youth Empowerment is an after-school drop-in center for youth and young adults ages 11-19 (6th-12th grade). We provided programs that assist youth in the following areas: Education, Mentoring, Technology, Life Skills, Career Exploration, and Recreation. We are open Monday-Friday from 2PM-7PM

Mission Statement

To empower youth and young adults to be the essence of greatness by creating gateways for social, emotional, physical, financial, and mental performance.


To make available a center in which youth and young adults will thrive to become change agents as prolific, energetic, and engaged individuals within their families and communities.


We believe Integrity is the foundation in which all relationships are built
We believe that Trust is reciprocity action you must give trust and behave in a manner in which you can be trusted
We believe Respect is an effort of both parties to understand and be understood
We believe that Service is a process of giving back as others have given unto us
We believe that Attitude is the springboard that will determine our altitude


Formulated in 2007 through a collaborative partnership with Palm Beach County, YEP has been operating in the illustrious city of Riviera Beach as an initiative of Palm Beach County Crime Prevention Efforts. We have made great strides since conception but are launching further to be more relevant, effective, and efficient in the city where families live, work, and play.